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Furukawa Not Worried About Series X and PS5

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Nintendo today hosted a Management Policy Briefing for the current fiscal year, a Q&A between executives and shareholders took place. President Shuntaro Furukawa told investors that he doesn’t expect crossover between Switch user base and the upcoming next-gen systems, reveals the intentions of Nintendo for hardware updates for the Switch and the importance of Switch Lite.

Shuntaro Furkawa explains that Nintendo Switch proposes a different configuration that appeal a different kind of players, and thus, is different that the earlier Nintendo’s consoles. The Switch can be taken out and played on the go, Furukawa revealed that Nintendo is planning many possible developments for the small console. The President also points at the importance of software, he reassures that Nintendo is intensively investing on software development for the Switch.

“I feel that the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite has expanded the user base.” … “However, we believe that there is still demand that can be created only with Nintendo Switch Lite” Shuntaro Furkawa, Management Policy Briefing February 3, 2020

Shuntaro Furukawa wasn’t the only executive who talked at the Q&A, Director and Senior Executive Officer  Kota Shiota also took the stand to explain the importance of Nintendo Switch.

“I’ve been paying close attention since the launch of Nintendo Switch “… “I realize that the way that customers play video games has changed considerably”. Kota Shiota, Management Policy Briefing February 3, 2020

Shiota reveals that Switch has exceeded Nintendo’s expectations, he says that products like Switch aren’t developed thinking on just raw performance, he points that Switch is a dedicated game machine, capable to deliver a solid gaming experience everywhere. He also pointed that Nintendo is planning to keep investing in finding the optimal technology in order to deliver an even better experience.

Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about the finances of the company, he suggest that the situation will “change due to appearance of new products from competitors”. The President says that Nintendo Switch is targeting a different costumer segment, and business trends of other companies won’t affect Nintendo.

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