Frostpunk Has Sold More Than 1.4 Million Units So Far

CD Projekt RED has developed a bunch of great titles and still working on other huge games too, but with all the honorable history that they’ve made, Poland has other successful studios which may not develop games in a large scale, but they tend to deliver some great stuff during recent years. 11 bit studios is one of them that has been shown its innovative ideas through different titles specially story-driven strategy games.

At first, 11 bit studios made a name for itself with releasing This War of Mine back in 2014, then the studio grabbed the same formula and expanded to deliver Frostpunk, another story-driven strategy game that needs open eyes and clear mind to take responsibility for numerous action which have their own good and bad consequences. Now, in latest news coming from the studio, Frostpunk has sold more than 1.4 million copies as of its launch in early 2018 so far, which regarding its release only on PC, seems to be a great news for the development team and they confirm this by saying that Frostpunk brought back all of its costs just 66 hours after release.

According to 11 bit studios, the game hits PS4 and Xbox One this summer with all the extra contents that PC players had got previously. Along with this, the developer also shared some interesting stats on the game that you can read below.

  • 43.8% of players finished the main campaign
  • 59% of players chose the path of Faith
  • 2.9% of players failed in Serenity mode
  • 0.3% of players survived 100 days on the hardest difficulty level

Frostpunk is currently available on PC via Steam and offers you two game mode to survive within the frozen lands of Earth.

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