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Origin Access

Frostpunk and FIFA 19 Are Being Added to Origin Access This Month

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Subscription service are getting popular these days with more big publishers launching their own services on PC and consoles. EA’s Origin Access was one of the oldest ones that encompasses games from EA itself and some other independent developers. This month, six new titles are about to launch on the service from different genres.

Right now, 11bit’s survival strategy Frostpunk is available to be downloaded by all Origin Access subscribers. Also, you are allowed to get Moonlighter now through the same service. Both titles have been launched in 2018 and received mostly positive reviews.

On the other hand, Origin Access Premium members are able to jump into A Plague Tale: Innocence and recently released Sea of Solitude, which is part of EA Originals’ project.

Less than a week later on July 18, They Are Billions will make a move from Premium to Basic subscription in Origin Access. Finally, on July 24 and 25 the service will be getting last year’s FIFA 19 along with Madden 20 as the first launch of EA Sports in 2019.

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