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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Trailer

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Trailer

From the makers of cult hit Slayaway Camp (“Darkly hilarious, 5/5” – Rue Morgue) comes the most gruesome and terrifying puzzle game ever, featuring legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees stalking and slaying campers in Crystal Lake… and beyond.

The completed game was released quietly in the US on January 19 in the Apple App Store, but observant gamers spotted it over the weekend. “The United States is getting early access to the game,” said Blue Wizard founder Jason Kapalka, “but players can rest assured it will release soon everywhere else.”

The “Worldwide Super Globo-Mega Launch” is set for, naturally, Friday, April 13, and will include iOS, Android, and Steam versions across all territories.

Players control Jason by sliding him around an isometric puzzle level to attack his victims, either directly with a huge variety of unlockable weapons, or indirectly, by frightening them into environmental hazards like campfires, bear traps, and woodchippers. Grisly reflex-based “Kill Scenes” punctuate the puzzling as you progress through multiple episodes, from classic campgrounds to more exotic locations such as Manhattan, abandoned amusement parks, supermax prisons, beach resorts, outer space and even, through a time-travel twist, Victorian London and other eras.

“I loved the balance of horror and humor the Blue Wizard guys brought to Slayaway Camp,” said Friday the 13th series creator Sean Cunningham, “and I’m thrilled to see their take on Friday the 13th.”

Check out the Trailer:

Players will once again slide the murderer around an isometric map, attempting to kill people with a range of weapons (or have them kill themselves while trying to escape). It will also feature the gruesome Kill Scenes in between levels which, even with the blocky characters of Slayaway Camp, were still pretty grim.

Unlike Slayaway Camp, however, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle will be free to play — something that might worry fans of the original game. “We’re sensitive to the concerns a lot of players have with free to play titles,” said Blue Wizard Digital founder Jason Kapalka. “We’re definitely trying to avoid the more obnoxious money-grabs. They’ve promised to send Jason after us if it sucks.”

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