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Creeping Terror
Creeping Terror

Free Japanese Language Update Slithers in for Creeping Terror

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Free Japanese Language Update Slithers in for Creeping Terror

Aksys Games announced today that they have released a free Japanese-language update on Steam for the side-scrolling PC horror game, Creeping Terror. The update is available for those that already purchased the game on Steam.

Trapped below a creepy abandoned mansion deep in the forest, a group of friends find themselves on the run from a terrifying monster. Using only her wits and what’s around her, Arisa must uncover the secrets of the mansion and figure out how to escape… before it’s too late.

Features of Creeping Terror include:

  • Classic Horror Experience Slowly creep through the classic horror environments and enjoy a side-scrolling adventure that is a throwback to horror games of days past.
  • Hide From Terror With fearsome terrors lurking and giving chase, you must hide Arisa away or face the gruesome consequences.
  • Meet Your End With multiple endings to reach what fate awaits Arisa at the end of your path?

Check out the Trailer:

Creeping Terror has all the makings of a great Blumhouse Productions movie. The setting is a dilapidated mansion where local teens have seen a mysterious figure rummaging about. Some high school students have apparently gone missing at the mansion, a fact the four main characters — the playable Arisa and her friends Bob, Ken and Emily — literally don’t give a shit about. They’re just there to make a sensationalist news piece for Bob’s web series. As soon as they go inside, Arisa is quickly separated from them and my adventure begins.

With slight influences from the SNES classic Clock Tower, my goal is to get Arisa and her friends out of the house before it’s too late. Hot on my tail is the Shovel Man, a hulking man that jumps into the scene when he’s least wanted and chases me around until I can find a good hiding spot. The Shovel Man is supposed to be scary. He is not. Once I discover how easy it is to subdue him — a single rock will stun him — he ceases to be frightful. Instead, as I wander around the mansion collecting keys, documents, and supplies, he and the other two monsters I meet are more of an annoyance. Whenever they show up I just throw some shit at them and I’m on my way.

If they do catch me, a rapid tapping of the A button will push them off. It’s almost comically easy to get away taking no damage. There is a point halfway through the game where the Shovel Man is chasing me. I go through a door where there are no hiding spots so he should just come and grab me. Unfortunately, I don’t think he is programmed to go into that area because I sit there for five minutes and he doesn’t bother showing up. The chase music is still playing so he is still after me, but for whatever reason, he will not go into that part of the mansion.

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