Fractured State infiltrates Steam Early Access

Fractured State infiltrates Steam Early Access

Mechanical Monocle’s Fractured State is AVAILABLE NOW on Steam Early Access and other major digital distribution channels.

As the Children of the Ancients sweep through the mining operations of the Northern Provinces, destroying all in their path, the Executor flexes the industrial might of the State to quell local rebellions. Laperia burns and Kimmel, the charismatic leader of the Children, will stop at nothing until the empire is reduced to flinders.

Grab some friends, choose a side, and join the fight. Command the Laperian Imperial Army or the Children of the Ancients and help forge the final version of Fractured State with the flames of war.

Unlike Real Time Strategy games that are centered around actions-per-minute, Fractured State refines its systems to do away with overly complex micromanagement and mass resource gathering. The resources players must manage in this urban landscape are troops, building occupation and time.
Each battle map is split up into territories. Occupy the most structures in a territory in order to maintain its control. Territories provide army-wide bonuses and increase the number of troops players can recruit and control. Buildings represent important strategic points as well and can unlock abilities, new units, passive bonuses, or squad refreshes.

Check out the Trailer:

“We’ve been working on Fractured State for a number of years now and feel like we’ve gotten to the point where we’re comfortable enough with the mechanics that we want feedback from the community. While RTS is typically considered a more “niche” genre we know from experience that the fanbase for these types of games are incredibly passionate. We also know that everyone’s opinions on RTS mechanics and gameplay vary widely. We’re trying some new things in Fractured State and we want to see what RTS fans think of what we’ve done.”

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