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FPS Arena shooter LEAP OF CHAMPIONS – Kickstarter campaign begins April 26th, 2017

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FPS Arena shooter LEAP OF CHAMPIONS – Kickstarter campaign begins April 26th, 2017

LEAF games and software are proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Leap of Champions, an FPS arena shooter combining the speed, the precision and the mechanics of a 90s shooter with high quality Sci-Fi graphics.

Leap of Champions stays true to the core Arena FPS features that all fans of the genre love. Put in the field your strategy, your ability, adrenaline, tension and reflexes. You will be pushed to your limits in a range of rich and various environments for a truly satisfying game experience based on your skills and abilities.

In Leap of Champions newcomers and hardcore Arena FPS veterans can enjoy the most thanks to the implemented matchmaking system. Game after game, climbing the ranks, you will have the opportunity to face players the same level of experience, so that everyone is assured a fun and satisfying gaming experience.

The game’s most awaited feature is the brand new game mode called “Ritual”. In this spectacular multiplayer mode the player, solo or team, has to complete a minimum number of kills to charge a bar. Once the upload is complete, the altar in the map will be activated and the accumulated energy will have to be released in it as sacrifice to complete and win the match.

After almost a year in the making, LEAF games and software has taken the last stretch of the game’s development to Kickstarter, seeking €15,000 to bring their game to the market.

Check out the Trailers:


For an indie team, Leap of Champions is an exciting and ambitious project, but your support heartens us and give us the sprint we need. In the near future we will start also a Kickstarter campaign, and we are shooting for our first gameplay trailer. People reactions to the first two teasers was encouraging and when it wasn’t gave us the right motivation to do better. Don’t forget we are creating a game for you, so keep giving us your advices.

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