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Fortnite: X-ray Loot Boxes Will Reveal Contents Before Buying

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Fortnite: X-Ray Loot Boxes Will Reveal Contents Before Buying

Fortnite: Save the World mode will treat loot boxes differently as V-Buck Llamas will become X-Ray Llamas in the next patch update 7.30, this will let players know what are they buying, and it’s the players decision to acquire the item, or just wait a few hours until a new selection of items are available.

Before players purchase the new Upgrade Llamas for 50 V-Bucks, they will see all of its contents. If players do not like what is inside the X-Ray Llama, they can wait until the store refreshes the following day for a new X-Ray Llama and a new selection of items. The new system will also show players if a Llama will upgrade, which happens randomly to improve the contents.

Epic Games said that the items that will be offered through the X-Ray Llamas will be based on each user’s account, in order to apply its dupe prevention initiative that was introduced in the 5.10 patch. After the Llama determines the item rarity and type of drop, it will choose an item in that category that is not already in the user’s inventory or Collection Book. The anti-dupe system applies to Epic, Legendary and Mythic Heroes, Epic and Legendary Schematics, and Mythic Lead Survivors.

To find out how the new system will work, all Fortnite: Save the World players will receive five Upgrade Llama tokens. The X-Ray Llamas may not be opened in bulk, as players will have to first look at their contents before opening them.

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