Fortnite x Stranger Things Cross-Over Is Now Live

In the world of entertainment, Stranger Things is now trend of the day and almost everyone on the social media is talking about the third season for Netflix’s popular series. These kind of trends usually find their ways through video games too, and this time around, Fortnite is going to live-out the atmosphere of Stranger Things within its world. The new cross-over is live now.

Officially announced via Twitter, Epic Games revealed a Fortine x Stranger Things cross-over for the Battle Royale title, which is now live and the ending date is yet to be known. The new cross-over will show its influence mostly on the different locations of the Fortnite’s map, especially its Mega Mall area that is hosting some portals related to the Netflix’s series. Aside from delivering a horrifying atmosphere to the game, Epic Games didn’t reveal whether we would see new gameplay elements or cosmetic items related to Stranger Things or not.

Fortnite players aren’t unfamiliar with these cross-overs as the game has hosted events for Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and John Wick 3: Parabellum most recently. While the previous events have had their own set of challenges, we better wait for some new Stranger Things-style objectives during the time that event is still on.

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