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Moai from Fortnite
Moai from Fortnite

Fortnite Update Adds Starry Suburbs Location with New Weapon

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The new Fortnite 10.40 update went live and the official patch notes include a new matchmaking system and sensitivity controls. Additonally STarry Suburbs has been added to the map with a chance for players to get a new “never-before-seen”weapon.”

It looks like the game will introduce a new gamemode called The Combine which tasks player to fight in a gauntlet-type playlist in order for players to use the new controls.

Additionally, Starry Suburbs has been added and has been brought back due to the Rift zone and shooting stars will land here often so players will be able to collect some cool new weapons.

There’s also this new never-before-seen weapon that could be just about anything. Well whatever it is, players will probably have a blast with it.

Fortnite’s new matchmaking will probably have players get more fair matches against other equally-ranked players and hopefully this will even out the playerbase’s skill levels in future gameplay. If not, well there will be bots added soon to the game, so maybe some new enemies and players will be fought in the future.

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