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Fortnite – Strange Rifts Are Appearing All Over

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Fortnite – Strange Rifts Are Appearing All Over

Following Saturday’s special ‘Blast Off’ event – which also saw one sneaky player grab the all-time kills record by taking out a large group of unsuspecting players who were innocently ‘looking to the sky’ – Fortnite’s map has been littered with various ‘rifts’ that are slowly growing in size.

Each one looks like a crack in a sheet of glass, and all scattered all across the map from Anarchy Acres to Lonely Lodge, it’s got many a player wondering what Epic Games is planning next. Considering a recent datamine of the upcoming Playground mode revealed a number of Wild West-themed objects, its got Fortniters wondering if the series will be making a brief jump through time.

The entire event took maybe a few minutes, and Fortnite seems largely the same on the surface, but that’s not the point: by making all of this into an ephemeral experience, Epic Games succeeded in making one of the coolest moments I’ve ever had in a game. After all, this isn’t a boss battle that anyone can take up whenever they want, or an item anyone can earn. You had to be there. More than anything, though, I’m extremely impressed that the developer pulled it off at all. This is the biggest game in the world right now, and everyone was trying to log in at once to see the rocket. That’s the sort of DDOS-like load that would bring most games to their knees. Here, everything went down without a hitch. I still can’t believe it.

While the rocket launch has stirred up a lot of commotion, it’s worth noting that Fortnite’s season isn’t over yet: it ends on July 12th, so there are still weeks left for the game to change things up before a new era begins. The rift that appeared during this event may be the first step toward something larger. Likely, the new season will bring some tweaks to the island, as season four introduced a number of new locales and map-wide alterations. The coolest thing about all of this? If you’re an active Fortnite player, you’ve watched the game morph and evolve every few months — and if you just started playing, your experience is totally different from those who have been following the game.

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