John Wick 3 Parabellum is now on theaters to show you the next super-dangerous mission of the brutal killer. However, if only watching the movie couldn’t satisfy you, then make yourself ready to wear the killer’s suit and take down your targets in the middle of your Battle Royale play at Fortnite.

Based on the latest leaks coming from Hypex, who is a well-known data miner of Fortnite, an accurately designed John Wick suit will be coming to the game’s item shop to be purchased by the fans of Keanu Reeves and his charismatic role in John Wick movie series.

Along with the suit, Fortnite will feature the movie’s famous coin known as Back Bling and also an outfit related to Halle Berry’s character.

Aside from this cosmetic updates, John Wick 3 will bleed into Fortnite in case of content too. Following the leak’s information, there will be set of Wick’s Bounty challenges in the game that delivers a standalone experience within the game. Here you can read the challenges related to the aforementioned mode:

While John Wick 3 is on the theaters right now, it seems the update for Fortnite will arrive soon.

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