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Fortnite is now open to everyone on iOS

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Fortnite is now open to everyone on iOS

Developer Epic Games has just announced Fortnite for mobile is now open everywhere on iOS. The game doesn’t require an invite so that you can play, so no matter where you’re located, you can now download Fortnite for free via App Store.

Up until now, iOS users would only be allowed to download and play Fortnite if they were lucky enough to receive an invitation from Epic Games. The studio has been slowly rolling out invites for Fortnite since it was released in the App Store, but the number of players that could get into the game was pretty limited.

Just last week, Epic added a new and improved snipers-only game mode, a ludicrous homing missile weapon, and a number of in-game clues pointing toward the destruction of the game’s Tilted Towers section, a potential game-changing event for a persistent multiplayer game that now has the whole community talking and swapping theories on online forums. With iOS now open to everyone, it seems like Epic will only continue to add more players.

Keep in mind that in order to play Fortnite, you’ll need an internet connection at all times. If you’ve played the PC or console version, you’ll be pleased to know that the mobile game is pretty much the same, not a lightweight port.

Also, the game supports cross-platform functionality between PlayStation 4 and iOS, but this option can be disabled. According to Epic Games, an Android version of the game will be launched in the next few months.

Keep in mind that the game won’t work with older phones and tablets. Minimum compatible iOS devices include iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad 2017 running iOS 11. But if you’ve got a semi-modern Apple gadget and the will to deal with polarizing mobile controls, now’s your chance to play (and get your IRL dance into the game).

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