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Fortnite Has 48% Drop In Revenue

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Fortnite Has 48% Drop In Revenue

According with data from data analytic firm SuperData the so far leader in revenue in the gaming industry Fortnite has been suffering from a drop in their revenue since the begging of 2019. This loss in revenue has been suffered in all platforms.

Epic Games is trying to steer this trend by teasing today the release of the Season 8 of Fortnite, it will bring a pirate theme quest for a treasure and all players can get a reward.

Some of the changes that will be made in the Season 8th of Fortnite are listed below: (Thanks ComicBook)

Improved Weapon firing sounds:

All player weapon fire sounds are now 2D stereo, giving them a much fuller and natural sound.
All 3rd person weapon sounds from other players are now mono and run through the new reverb, which gives much better point spatialization while still sounding ‘in the world’.

There is now a global reverb available.
We are setting it up as an ‘opt-in’ feature, so we will be adding the reverb to categories of sounds as we go.
Currently, weapon related sounds are set up with reverb. In the future, we will be able to have different reverb settings for different areas of the map.
ADS / Crouch Foley

New sounds have been added for going into and out of ADS on each weapon, as well as sounds for going in and out of crouch. This gives a better sense of player ownership of actions.
Improvements to upstairs / downstairs footsteps for better tactical awareness.
Improved hit notification audio

Improvements to sound and mix of 2D hit notifications when players land shots on enemies. This includes a new clearer “shield break” sound.
Cleaned up the “weak-point” harvesting crit sound

We increased the dynamic range and shortened the length of this sound; it is still clear but much less fatiguing.
Fixed an issue preventing footsteps from being heard in some situations.

Read the full article at SuperData Search

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