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Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy In New Patch

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Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy In New Patch

After some controversy Fortnite decided to bring back the Glider Redeploy in V 7.20, release a while ago fans didn’t like the idea of using the glider in other circumstances than jumping from the bus or launchpad. For some players this changed a bit the essence of the gameplay, but Epic Games will change this by enabling Glider Redeploy as an item.

Read below the patch notes from Epic Games:

A while back we ran a test for glider re-deploy. There was a very split response on the mechanic which revealed some positives as well as some negatives. We removed the mechanic from default modes, but feel an alternative implementation will help in solving some of those negatives and better suits our goals.

The goal with the item is to provide mobility and utility, but in a form that can be balanced and iterated upon. By implementing glider redeploy as an item we can iterate on multiple different levels (i.e. redeploy height, movement speed, drop chance, charge count), including inventory slot tension.

Quick overview on how Glider Redeploy will work in v7.20:The Gliders item will take up an inventory slot and can be found from normal loot sources.
Activate Glider Redeploy as you normally would, you do not need to select the item.Each deploy will remove one charge, when all charges are used the item disappears.
Use of Launch Pads, Rifts-to-Go, and LTM respawns will not consume a charge, as these put you in Skydiving mode.
The new Glider Redeploy item can be found in floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines and Supply Llamas.

I really like the idea of redeploying my glider when in a hurry, it will not change that much the gameplay as it must be looted from treasure and will take a slot in inventory as any other item. The Glider Redeploy item will be available when V7.20 goes live tomorrow.

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