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Fortnite Announces Icons Series Skin – Ninja Available

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Epic Games has today revealed the ‘Ninja’ custom appearance, based on the Fortnite ‘s streamer Tyler Blevins. Recently Tyler “Ninja” Blevins promised a big announcement, and today it was revealed. An “Icon Series” has begun with Blevins own appearance featured on game.

“Gaming, music, film, and fashion collide in Fortnite in the Icon Series. The Icon Series brings the artistic vision, personality, and attitude of top creators to Fortnite, building on previous collaborations with Marshmello and Major Lazer.”

First up is Ninja. Visit the item shop starting January 16 at 7:00PM ET to get the Ninja Outfit, Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, Ninja Style Emote and Dual Katanas Pickaxe.

Stay tuned for future Icon Series collaborations, including Loserfruit, TheGrefg and more creators from games, music and entertainment.

Also available will be the Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, the Ninja Style Emote, and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe.

Fortnite V11.40 also boost the maximum refresh rate on the 2018 iPad Pro, a staggering 120 frames per second are now available to players,  There is also support for clickable thumbstick L3 and R3 for players who use a controller on iOS.

The Fortnite team also introduces Sidegrading, players will now be able to sidegrade the Assualt Rifle and turn it into a Heavy Assault Rifle for use in non-competitive playlists.

A small list of bug fixes have also been applied:

  • Players’ Star Wars Achievements have returned to the Legacy timeline.
  • Resolved an issue involving the “F” key not enabling proper movement after the direction was remapped to it.
  • Resolved an issue involving editing quickly causing players to remain in Edit mode.
  • Falling into a Hideout no longer causes the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle’s crosshairs to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue involving the “Visit different bus stops in a single match” Remedy vs. Toxin Challenge not tracking progress for some bus stops.

Epic Games are sitting on a gold mine with Fortnite, according to SuperData reports, Fornite made $1.8 Billion and remained as the top grossing game in the industry.


Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the latest gaming news.

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