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Forever Forest
Forever Forest

Forever Forest Available Exclusively on Switch

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Forever Forest Available Exclusively on Switch

Fictive Studios and Mad About Pandas are thrilled to announce the result of their collaborative creative force, Forever Forest, is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Forever Forest is a journey of self discovery, casting light on what the developers pitch as ‘the essential conflict between man and nature’.

The game tells the tale of a world corrupted by magical, mysterious masks, with human beings wielding their power to conquer the Wyld Ore forest, unwittingly spreading darkness and decay, and consuming almost all of the woodland’s nature in the process .

To the rescue comes a two legged, hairy protagonist – better known as the ‘child of the forest’ – who sets out to bring the light back to the world and restore balance to the forest once more.

“Forever Forest is the result of a collaboration of multicultural global talents, hence why we’ll release this game with a multitude of languages, including Arabic, Turkish, English, German and several others more to target the global market,” comment Fictive Studios and Patrick Rau, Creative Director at Mad About Pandas.

“When people play Forever Forest, we want them to be playing all over the world sharing our vision of mutual respect and understanding. We are so excited for Forever Forest’s release. This really marks the beginning of Fictive’s Studio’s project portfolio and you can expect brand new launches in the near future.”

Forever Forest key features:

  • A survival, action and role playing game that brings a heartfelt message and an experience you won’t forget any time soon.
  • Delicate visuals that beautifully illustrate the forest’s fragility.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant habitats and meditative melodies.
  • Use your wits to outsmart and hunt powerful creatures.
  • Absorb mysterious masks to permanently evolve and mold your character using unique abilities.

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