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For Honor artwork
For Honor artwork

For Honor Year 4 Details Revealed

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Year 4 of For Honor is coming soon and with it will be new heroes, seasons, and a new battle pass system for earning loot. The name of Year 4 is going to be the Year of Reckoning. Now that the cataclysm has calmed down, it is time for the warring factions to decide what it is they want to fight for.

Like the previous year, Year 4 is split into four seasons, with each season having its own theme, rewards, and activities. It will also have a new Hero in Season 2, followed by another in Season 4. Like new Heroes in the past, the ones released this year will be purchasable with in-game Steel.

The newest thing this year is the release of the For Honor Battle Pass. Previous years used a random loot drop system done through scavenger crates. With this new system, players will be able to see the items that they will be able to earn throughout the entirety of the pass. There will be a new 100-tier battle pass introduced at the beginning of each season, and it will only contain cosmetics and consumables. New Heroes will not be a part of it.

The Battle Pass will have a free and premium path for players to work through. The free path will contain items such as ornaments, Steel, color swatches, champion status, and embossings, while the premium path will have signatures, weapons, executions, and effects. This battle pass will be on top of the avenues that players unlocked in-game items in the past, so there will be more ways than ever for them to customize their Heroes.

With the ever-expanding Hero Roster, Ubisoft is more dedicated than ever to keeping the game fair and balanced for casual and competitive play. They will continue to use the Testing Grounds as a balancing tool in the future. There are also plans to keep building up the new all-access competitive program for Year 4.

Now has never been a better time to either get back into For Honor or give it a try for the first time. The team at Ubisoft has dedicated their time to making their game the best that they can for many years to come.

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