FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is OUT NOW!

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is OUT NOW!

PQube is excited to announce that FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, the love letter to the legacy of FlatOut by Kylotonn Racing (WRC 5, WRC 6), is OUT NOW in Europe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system.

FlatOut returns, true to form. Experience the ultimate thrill-ride with an advanced vehicle damage system, face melting nitro-boosted races and death defying challenges!

Unique game modes, chain-reaction collisions, a wide variety of vehicles and completely destructible tracks – FlatOut4: Total Insanity throws players into furious and explosive races! The legendary Stunt mode has returned with more outrageous challenges! Turn your vehicle into a weapon of mass destruction in the new Assault and Arena modes!


Career mode: Level up from a junker to a sweet tool of destruction in Derby, Classic and Allstar leagues.
Assault Mode – Use your devastating arsenal to slow your enemies down or better yet, reduce them to scrap metal!
Keep the Flag Mode – Surviving the FlatOut destruction derby arenas have never been this hard!
Stunt Mode Re-invented – Crash and toss your driver as accurately as possible to dominate the scoreboard in six new stunt areas and classic stunts revisited from previous versions.
Insane Multiplayer Action – All modes can have up to 8 players online; Stunt Mode also supports local multiplayer!
27 completely customizable vehicles – Select your weapon of choice, a hunk o’ junk, muscle car, high-performance sports car or a huge 4×4.
20 tracks with completely destructible environments – Smash through the environment for sneaky shortcuts!

Check out the Trailer:

For solo racers, Flatout 4’s lengthy career mode features 20 tracks in total, all set in classic, well worn Flatout locations like drainage canals, lumberyards, and rocky deserts. It’s worth pointing out that half of those tracks are just mirrored versions of themselves (bar a couple of figure 8 tracks) but multiple routes through each and plenty of hidden shortcuts keep things varied enough that you’ll hardly notice.

Included in the career’s championship cups is a small glimmer of novelty- a new race type called Assault that is Flatout 4’s wannabe Mario Kart mode. Instead of earning your boost the traditional way, here it slowly builds up over time and can be spent on powerups like bollards that rise up from the ground behind you or an explosive radial burst that can be used to flip overtaking opponents. While the risk of banking your boost for a potential attack can prove to be an exciting gamble, overall the mode feels a little too punishing. The aggression of the AI combined with dozens of explosives means that your driving skills often take a back seat to blind luck which can severely hamper your progress through a cup.

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