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Modern Warfare artwork
Modern Warfare artwork

First Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Released | New Maps Added

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has kicked off its first season, and players now have access to three classic maps: Crash, Shipment, and Vacant.

While these three maps made their debuts in previous iterations of the Call of Duty franchise, they have been remade to suit the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot. The launch of the first season also adds the following maps to the game’s multiplayer content: Port, Atrium, and Cargo.

In addition, the first season marks the release of Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass, which gives players the ability to unlock new in-game items by earning experience. According to the official Activision blog for Modern Warfare, the Battle Pass System is “a progression stream separate from Officer and Enlisted Ranks that allows you to earn over 170 new items just by getting the Battle Pass and playing the game.”

Season One also includes two additional Operations (Operation Just Reward and Operation Strongbox), as well as the implementation of three “Classic Special Ops Experiences” (Classic Special Ops – Pitch Black, Classic Special Ops – Grounded, and Classic Special Ops – Bomb Squad).

Furthermore, Season One includes the following:

  • Free Tiers: “Within the stream are some free tiers that anyone can earn whether they purchase the Battle Pass/Battle Pass Bundle or not. These include the RAM-7 bullpup assault rifle, unlocked at Tier 15, and the Holger-26, an LMG, which is the reward for reaching Tier 31. Players will play and progress through the tiers, but only be able to earn free items in the battle pass system. For those who do purchase the Battle Pass all 100 tiers will be accessible and available to unlock.”
  • Battle Pass Bundle: “You can also get the Battle Pass by purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle which gives you access to unlock up to 100 tiers and grants the player 20 tier skips. The Battle Pass Bundle can be picked up anytime throughout the season. It rewards players on all of their tier previous progression once they get it, doling out items that were previously only available with the Battle Pass and advances player Battle Pass progress by 20 tiers.”
  • The Season One Officer Rank Challenge: “Today marks the beginning of the Season One Officer Rank progression path. Those who have reached the Officer Ranks since launch will have their final rank memorialized and start a new journey towards Rank 155 with all-new ribbon challenges to earn and beat.”

Finally, the all-new Battle Pass Edition of Modern Warfare includes:

  • The full game
  • 3000 CP – enough for players to get the Battle Pass Bundle and more
  • A Combat Knife with an exclusive skin
  • XRK Weapons Pack

“To get this version of the game, simply visit CallofDuty.com, select the Battle Pass Edition, your preferred platform, and your region.”

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