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Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Scenario Is Completed

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Final Fantasy XVI is probably one of the most anticipated upcoming games right now. Originally announced during the PlayStation State of Play it will be a Timed Exclusive for the PlayStation 5 upon release though it will be coming to PC the same day.

Since it was announced we have gotten very little information about the title. Even at this past E3 people expected that Square Enix might give us something on the title but ultimately it was a no-show. Well thankfully we have FF XVI producer Naoki Yoshida’s, or as he is more commonly known YoshiP, other game Final Fantasy XIV for a bit more info.

YoshiP, along with FF XIV global community producer Toshio Muro, NieR creative director Yoko Taro, and NieR producer Yosuke Saito, took part in a podcast entitled “Final Fantasy XIV: The 7th 14-hour Broadcast.” The podcast is entirely in Japanese as one might expect, but thanks to Dualshockers, who translated it, we now know most of what was talked about.

At one point, the conversation shifted to Yoko Taro, whose latest NeiR game titled NeiR: Reincarnation releases July 28 worldwide on mobile, was asked what his plans are now that his NeiR collaboration was finished.  Taro took this moment to joke that he wanted to write the Scenario for Final Fantasy XVI. YoshiP then apologized to him since the scenario writing is done and therefore he can’t.

This conversation expanded on this briefly as it was also stated that the English dub work for the game is almost finished as well. Since the first trailer for the game released in the west featured full English audio this is not too hard to imagine. While the scenario is in good shape he stated that graphics and combat are the features his team is hard at work on.

It was then stated that he does not wish to talk about the game till it reaches a certain level of polish. This might be a reaction to the length of time that the previous title Final Fantasy XV spent in development limbo. At least in the case of this game, it seems development is moving ahead at a steady pace.

The game is expected to skip the Tokyo Game Show this year as well. Till then there are a lot of other final fantasy games that players can look forward to as well. These include the Final Fantasy Pixel Collection and souls-like Final Fantasy Origin.

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