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Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Expansion Launching June 20, 2017

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Expansion Launching June 20, 2017

Square Enix announced at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016 event in Tokyo on Saturday that the previously announced Stormblood expansion for the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG will launch in Japan, North America, and Europe on June 20. Pre-orders start on January 24. Stormblood is the game’s second expansion.

The “Red Mage” is a new job set to appear in Stormblood. It is a ranged DPS role that uses rapiers and magicked crystal mediums. Its ranged attacks use magic (red magic + black & white magic hybrid), and its melee attacks use the rapier. It is a hybrid ranged / melee style achieved via high-speed positioning that can deal massive damage by linking multiple spells with chainspell and following them up with melee attacks. Its starting level is 50 and it doesn’t have an associated class.

A collector’s edition will also be available and include:

  • A special package featuring original art by Yoshitaka Amano
  • Exclusive high-quality Zenos figure
  • Stormblood art book
  • Cloth map of Eorzea
  • Original decal
  • In-game itemsSyldra Mount
  • Wind-up Bartz Minion
  • Red Mage Main Arm: Chicken Knife

Check out the Trailer:

“While not all bodies of water are accessible for swimming, you’ll be able to swim and dive in different areas. You’ll be able to automatically switch to swimming mode when entering a swim-ready pool of water. Various movement types will have their own equivalent in swimming. You can’t engage in combat while swimming, and there’s no loading times when going between regular movement and swimming.

There’s a new beast tribe called the Ananta, who dwell in the mountain range near Ala Mhigo. Known for their prowess in gemcrafting and spell wielding, they follow the goddess/primal Lakshmi. This new species is mostly made up of females, and have been dominated by the Garleans, despite being around for as long as the Allagans.”

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