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Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5

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Final Fantasy XIV Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5

New features Group Pose features are coming in the latest patch update for Final Fantasy XIV, players can now pose under this current status conditions:

  • Transformed
  • Roleplay Status [Those instances where you’re controlling an NPC, like Alphinaud or Y’shtola.]
  • Incapacitated

So that means you can use group pose even when you’ve been turned into an Odder Otter in Heaven-on-High, or playing as Alphinaud in that one battle instance. Always remember, safety first! Make sure you’re only posing for screenshots once your party has cleared the room or your tank may become incapacitated too!

Depth of Field can be tweaked, players will be able the focus on screen with the new “manual focus” setting. So far the focus is centered around the targeted object and everything else becomes blurred.

Players will also be able to change emotes during group poses, so no more exit and re-enter group pose every time you wanted to try out a new emote,

Also a confirmation popup will appear when leaving the group pose mode.

This was added in response to a request we received during the 5th Anniversary event.

You ever have one of those moments where your screenshot session is going so well – “This is perfect! So cute!”, then your finger accidentally presses the wrong button and you exit group pose? Your character just standing there, devastated…

Time to prepare some new glamours, we look forward to seeing all of you up your gpose game! These features, along with Patch 4.5 arrive next week on Tuesday, January 8th!

Read the full patch notes – Here.

Don’t miss any of the latest news at – Gaming Instincts.

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