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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII X Mobius Final Fantasy Announced

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Final Fantasy VIII X Mobius Final Fantasy Announced

We recently reported how Final Fantasy VIII hasn’t been paid attention by Square Enix being the only title without a remake or releasing for newer systems. Well fans of the game might be happy to finally see Squall in glorious HD as Square Enix has announced a FFVIII X Mobius FF event called “Sleeping Lions” that will go live on March 1st.

The game is originally developed for Android and iOS, but you can get it free on Steam.

Check this trailer down below:

Final Fantasy VIII celebrates its 20th anniversary this year after having released for the PlayStation in February 11, 1999. Mobius Final Fantasy is joining with a major collaboration event featuring protagonist Squall Leonhart main antagonist Ultimecia, who recently appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, but this time they appear with character models made for the smartphone RPG.

Read the full article at – Siliconera.

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