Tifa from Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Giveaway

Hello Final Fantasy fans,

Tifa is waiting for you, the question is what are you waiting for? Do you miss your favorite Final Fantasy gang? Are you excited to go back to Midgar and relive the magic?   Then look no further, as our official giveaway for Final Fantasy VII: Remake is now live – Gaming Instincts is proud to give the fans the opportunity to play this legendary title on modern day hardware with all new visuals, additional story, amazing characters, phenomenal music that you all know and love once again!

Follow the Gleam Link right here to enter the giveaway and read the rules below:

  • Rules:

    1 – You MUST be participating on our Stream at Twitch on April 10th starting at 1 PM EST and watch us play Final Fantasty VII Remake – the game will be given away at the END of the stream (Stream will be live at 1 PM EST) (Make sure to follow us on twitch and turn notifications to know when we go live or otherwise you’ll MISS your chance to enter the giveaway.

    2 – You MUST live in the USA to enter

    3 – You MUST subscribe to our weekly Gaming Instincts Newsletter
    4 – Following the rest of other instructions/actions in the Gleam Giveaway will INCREASE YOUR CHANCES
    5 – Fake entries will be automatically DISQUALIFIED
    6 – Showing up last second at the stream for the game will also get you DISQUALIFIED

Check out a new character from Final Fantasy VII Remake – Chadley right here as well, while you wait in anticipation for the release.

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