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Final Fantasy Producer Would Like to Remake FFV

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GameReactor recently held an interview with Final Fantasy’s Producer Yoshinori Kitase during Final Fantasy VII: Remake presentation, the outlet asked the Producer which is the game that he would like to see following FFVII Remake footsteps. He revealed that FFV would be his pick, he suggest that the game is underrated and deserves the chance.

“(Laughs) Ok, so first of all, you have to promise you’re not going to write an article saying Square Enix is remaking Final Fantasy something, something… It’s just a purely personal opinion, just so you understand that”, Kitase said. “With that caveat in place, the first Final Fantasy that I worked on myself was Final Fantasy V, that hasn’t been remade with the more realistic kind of approach yet, so I think it might be quite interesting to do a FF5 remake someday”.

Like all old school Final Fantasy games, the game centers in the control of Earth’s crystals, those can control the forces of nature and must be prevented from the hands of evil.

Wind, water, fire, earth.
The time has come for the four crystals that will prosper in this world.
The wind stops, the water runs dry, and the world begins to shake.
But people don’t know yet.
The true meaning of the crystal, a serious secret …

FFV added abilities (special skills) that further develop the job change system, players have more freedom to grow the character of their like, the result of this is for example knights that can use magic. The game features a fast-paced story, a charming  OST, towns full of life, and the flying paratrooper that makes for a refreshing flight.

FFV released back in 1992 only for the Japanese Super Famicom, the game saw a worldwide release on the PlayStation. Back in 2015, Tetsuya Nomura, the designer of several FF titles expressed his interest about remaking FFV. Interestingly, prior the release of FFIX, Hironobu Sakaguchi stated that FFV was his favorite game.

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