Final Fantasy Origins Gets Final Trailer

Final Fantasy Origins Gets Final Trailer

In building anticipation for the upcoming Final Fantasy spin-off game Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, set to release in March, Square Enix and Team Ninja have released a final trailer for the game showcasing a range of content from the story to the epic fights players will participate in. The game will draw heavily upon the Dark Souls franchise, as well as Team Ninjas’ Nioh to offer a challenging action role-playing experience.

The trailer opens by reintroducing players to the lead character Jack Garland through a series of narrative and action cutscenes. While his full role in the narrative is only being hinted at here, players familiar with the original Final Fantasy of which this is a retelling should already be a little weary due to his last name. This connection to the original 1987 title is seemingly compounded upon when Princess Sarah refers to him in the trailer as her ‘first love’.

After which, the trailer showcases what appears to be a series of boss fights with large and powerful enemies. While each is only briefly showcased, they do draw comparisons to Nioh which had great boss fights. Other combat is showcased as well, showing off the fast-paced nature of this game.

The last portion of the trailer changes its tone and is set to the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way” which seems odd for a final fantasy game, but it actually fits nicely here. During this moment we get a sequence of Jack walking through a field, spliced with narrative moments involving his party member. Overall the game looks to have a lot of narratives to look forward to.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, an alternate retelling of the 1987 Final Fantasy, will be available on March 18th, 2022, for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

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