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Fifa 21
Fifa 21

FIFA 21 Won’t Be Delayed Says EA

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FIFA 21 will launch this autumn, this has been confirmed by EA while speaking to investors after their latest financial report. Madden NFL 21 will also launch this year.

COVID-19 has not slowed down the development of the new football simulator, ironically, the current season, 19-2,0 has not been completed, as there are discrepancy between the UEFA and governments from the top 5 leagues in Europe. Countries like France has decided that Ligue 1 cannot continue, Paris Saint-Germain has been awarded as champions of the tournament after the season was cancelled. Other leagues like La Liga and Serie A are determining if there is a chance to continue, even if players should play with face masks.

Obviously, football being one of the most important sport in the world makes a huge revenue, there are immense economic interests and contracts that needs to be fulfilled. The same applies to EA, who has already acquired the rights of UEFA teams and missing or delaying the game would affect their investments

‘If you are a sports fan, it doesn’t stop,’ said EA exec Blake Jorgensen. ‘So the only way they’re getting their sports engagement is through our games, and that’s a huge benefit for us.’

Players might be forced to see the bigger picture here, COVID-19 has delayed a lot of upcoming games, the UEFA summer transfer market will also be affected, adding those obstacles to the fears that season 20-21, scheduled to start on August would not even start on 2020, fans might ask themselves, what could FIFA 21 add that could not be accomplished with a DLC? Certainly there will be no official line-ups, also no match of the day will be featured as there is no football. At the moment of writing, EA has not confirmed what’s new for the next installment of FIFA.

Source: Metro

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