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Fifa 20
Fifa 20

FIFA 20 Pro Had to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors to Decide a Match

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EA’s servers had been very bad lately, FIFA 20 players are the most affected, the servers are occasionally down, and when they’re working players are not enjoying a smooth gameplay. Recently EA games a veteran developer reached a new low in their professionalism, due to the state of the FIFA 20 servers Shaun Galea and Hasan Eker (professional FIFA players) were forced to play rock paper scissors to determine who won the match. A ridiculous way to lose a professional match and of course, the loser Galea was not happy at all.

EA Sports is a real veteran in the industry, of course the studio is one thing and the technical area of the servers is another thing, but the way that EA handled the situation is disgraceful to say the least. It clearly don’t help at all with the current situation of instability of their servers or give good publicity ahead of a lawsuit in Europe due to gambling practices in Ultimate Team. EA don’t seem to bother at all about what players need and want.

EA has been voted as one of the worst gaming companies in the world, this has been happening for several years, the games-as-service don’t please fans, FIFA games are good in the terms of gameplay and features included, but the developer spoil all the fun making the game pay to win, and a yearly release just don’t help the situation. FIFA 20 launched and became controversial very quickly, fans felt like there wasn’t anything new in the game aside updated squads.

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