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Koukoi Games Announces a Partnership with FoxNext Games to Develop a ‘Ferdinand’ Mobile Game

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Koukoi Games Announces a Partnership with FoxNext Games to Develop a Ferdinand Mobile Game

Koukoi Games, developer of Crashing Season,  recently announced a new partnership with FoxNext Games. The partnership was formed as an exciting opportunity to develop a tie-in mobile game for the upcoming film, Ferdinand. The heartwarming comedy adventure from Blue Sky Studios is helmed by Carlos Saldanha (Rio, Ice Age).

“Feel the beat with Ferdinand and his friends in this cheery and colorful idle puzzle game that brings the beloved character and spirit of Spain to life,” said Rick Phillips, EVP of FoxNext Games.

“When mobile markets evolve, offering new and difficult challenges, it’s important to aim at strategic partnerships. Ferdinand is a story we all know and love, and as the Intellectual Property market continues to grow, we have a strong focus towards it. It’s best to approach these markets partnered with a Hollywood Studio that has a strong track record and exciting IP. This is a major development for Koukoi, and promises a bright future for the studio.” says Antti Kananen, CEO of Koukoi Games.”

Koukoi Games is a mobile game startup from Oulu, Finland. Founded in 2015, Koukoi Games has focused on producing original and licensed IP mobile games featuring exceptional production value and truly memorable experiences. The team includes game and tech industry veterans, and includes employees from Nokia and Rovio Entertainment. Go to Koukoi.com for more information.

 FoxNext Games, a division of the newly-formed FoxNext group, produces award-winning games and apps based on Twentieth Century Fox’s globally-recognized film and television properties. FoxNext Games’ products bring triple-A quality and enjoyment to millions of players every day with games including ALIEN™ ISOLATION, ANGRY BIRDS™ RIO, THE SIMPSONS™ TAPPED OUT, FAMILY GUY: THE QUEST FORSTUFF, FUTURAMA: GAME OF DRONES, SUGAR SMASH: THE BOOK OF LIFE and many more.”

For more information about the game check at Source.

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