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Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame Next Installment It’s Up To Nintendo Says Producer

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Keisuke Kikuchi, the Producer of the Fatal Frame- Project Zero series, has revealed his interest in developing the next installment in the franchise. Speaking to Nintendo Everything he says that he has “never really given up on the idea”. Kikuchi points at the IP holder Nintendo who is the one who decides the future of the terror franchise.

“Even though I have these hopes, this is a series that Nintendo publishes for us and I only handle the development,” … “So even if I were to say I want to make another game, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what will happen.”

“So I have to admit there is some distance between my personal feelings and ambitions and the feasibility of such projects,” said Kikuchi. “Obviously the Hollywood movie is in production and will make it to the western markets, so obviously I’d personally like to bring to our audience not just the movie, but also the games that can accompany it.”

“As for Fatal Frame 2 and 4, Nintendo handles the publishing rights, so we don’t exactly have a say in that matter,” he added. “Another factor would be is that I’m basically overseeing the Gust brand at this moment, and to secure production lines and team members, in the short-term it would also be very difficult, but in the long run I’ve never really given up the idea. So in the short-term it’s not exactly realistic at the moment.”

Originally developed by Tecmo, the Fatal Frame IP was acquired by Nintendo who did not make much of the potential of the psychological terror based on ghost and demonic creatures. The latest game founded by Nintendo released in 2012 exclusively for the Wii U.

Nintendo Everything also ask Kikuchi, his opinion on producing remasters for Fatal Frame 2 and Fatal Frame 4, games only launched for the Japanese market, Kikuchi says he would like to see the franchise alive alongside the upcoming Fatal Frame movie.

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