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Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s Stress Test Starts Now

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Fallout 76’s Stress Test Starts Now

Fallout 76’s stress test starts today for players who pre-ordered the game, this stress test is only available only to Xbox One players in North America. Unlike the B.E.T.A., the Fallout 76 Stress Test will be under NDA and any progress during the Stress Test will not be saved.

The Fallout 76 Stress Test is a smaller, timed stress test hosted by the Xbox Insider Program. If you have pre-ordered Fallout 76 on Xbox One (either digitally or physically) and you’re an Xbox Insider, you may be selected for the Fallout 76 Stress Test.

Take a look at the  Fallout 76’s huge map down below:

“All players interested in the stress test need to have an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold, and must sign up for the Xbox One Insider program. This program allows players to try out games and features that are still in the early stages, such as the stress test. Players can do this by booting up their Xbox One with the account they pre-ordered with, going to the store, running a search for the Xbox Insider Hub app, and installing it.

Once the Insider app is installed and running, players who pre-ordered digitally should navigate to the Insider Content tab and look for the Fallout 76 Stress Test. If it’s listed, the player has been selected for the opportunity to try out the game. If it’s not visible, unfortunately, the player’s account wasn’t randomly selected, and the user won’t be able to participate in the stress test.

For those who pre-ordered physical copies, players will need to login to their accounts on Bethesda.net. Gamers who have been granted access to the stress test will have a token in their transaction history that can be entered into the Xbox Store to download the stress test.

Players who aren’t selected for the stress test or who pre-ordered the game on different systems will still have the opportunity to join the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. starting on October 30th. Gamers who are interested in either the stress test or beta should plan on clearing out some hard drive space, as the full Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. file size comes in at a whopping 45GB. Although Bethesda notes that the stress test uses an earlier build of the game than the B.E.T.A., it still contains the full game, so it should have a significantly large file size as well.”

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