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Fall Guys Sonic
Fall Guys Sonic

Fall Guys Will Feature Sonic the Hedgehog in new Update

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Developer Mediatonic has confirmed a collaboration with SEGA that will see the favorite hedgehog making a cameo appearance in Fall Guys, the reveal took place during a recent Fall Guys Livestream.

Part of the SEGA’s 60th-anniversary, a Sonic the Hedgehog skin will be free for all Fall Guys players, this means instead of acquiring the skin with Kudos, it will be available through Crowns, players will have to win some matches or progress in the season pass to have enough credits to acquire the new skin.

Check the awesome skin here:

Mediatonic confirmed that the Sonic skin will be available on Fall Guys on October 14, the skin will feature its iconic white gloves and red shoes. Last week, Fall Guys Season 2 was introduced with medieval aesthetics, players can get custom their characters as an armored knight, or as a fantasy dragon. Wizards, witches, and Vikings are also featured. The new content will bring the dragon fire with feudal fortresses, knockout knights, and pugilistic paladins among new additions.

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital announced that 7 million users have purchased Fall Guys on Steam, on PlayStation, the game was free to play for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Fall Guys managed to become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus of all times on a global basis. The game is also a massive hit in PlayStation as it was featured on the PlayStation Plus August’s free to play games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout broke all records by becoming the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time on a global basis.

In recent news, developer Mediatonic announced that Bilibili, a Chinese publisher has secured the publishing rights of a mobile (iOS, Android) port of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Bilibili has potentially managed to secure the rights only for the Asian region, is uncertain in Devolver Digital will be able to negotiate the release of the mobile version in Europe and America.

Source: Game Informer

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