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Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys New Theme Is A Jungle Adventure

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The theme of Fall Guys newest theme has been revealed. As players have come to expect, each season of the game is given a distinctive theme. With this theme comes a free battle pass-like system that has 50 tiers of unlockables, all styled around said theme. Several levels are also added to the growing roster of stages that you can compete against other beans in for bean dominance! And, you know, a crown.

Developer Mediatonic took to Twitter with a jigsaw puzzle and asked players to solve the puzzle to reveal the next theme. Of course, this being the internet, the puzzle was solved in a little over an hour so the developer posted the completed teaser picture.

As you can see, this time around our intrepid beans will be going on a jungle adventure. Among the looks being teased, we see pirates, and explorers, and mummies just to name a few. We also can see a finish line and a swinging hammer that both seem to have Mayan or Aztec influence, but I am not brushed up on that history so don’t quote me.

On the side of the picture, we the explorer bean slipping in some mud, perhaps adding that obstacle to the mix. Prior we have seen ice walkways added that had a sleeping effect, perhaps mud will involve more trudging to get through. Not to mention the huge rhinoceros chasing the crew.

There is no set release on the new season of Fall Guys. Season 4 lasted longer than any of the seasons prior and added sci-fi and cyberpunk themes. Of course, during its run, we also got several crossover costumes including 2B from NeiR Automata. With Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie on the horizon perhaps we will see some cross-promotion with that? Let’s cross our fingers for a Jungle Cruise Captain Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson skin.

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