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Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys Delayed On Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch

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Mediatonic announced that Fall Guys won’t be launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S this Summer. The game has been indefinitely delayed and the studio has not revealed the reasons behind the delay.

Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games in March 2021, the developer was given access to new tools, funding, sadly for Xbox and Nintendo players, the studio affirms that Summer of 2021 “is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we’re working on”.

Since day one, we’ve been dreaming and scheming about ways to make Fall Guys as awesome as it possibly can be. There’s a bunch of additions and features we’ve long felt could elevate our beans to the next level that just haven’t been possible… yet! Top of our ‘want’ list has been crossplay.

Mediatonic affirms that now being part of the Epic Games has encouraged the development team to launch the game on new platforms along with new features. The development of new content is also key for Fall Guys, this could be the real reason behind the delay.

We’re continuing to grow the team to best meet community expectations and deliver top-notch future content. The heart of the team remains the same as ever. Fall Guys will keep rolling out new Seasonal content releases, fresh Shows, Costumes, Rounds, and all the other delicious things you know and love. The rapidly approaching Season 4.5 update is no exception, with 2 fiendish new Rounds heading your way, plus delicious Fall fashion for your Season 4 wardrobe.

Mediatonic affirms that Fall Guys fans’ patience will be rewarded with the Xbox and Nintendo release of the party game. The delay will give the development team extra time to deliver crossplay and perhaps adding new platforms.

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