Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Delayed, Now Arriving on July 30

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According to the latest issue of the Famitsu magazine, Koei Tecmo has decided to delay a Fairy Tail in the hopes of improve the overall quality of the game, developers will need more time to improve some magic effects and make overall balance adjustments. The game, who originally was scheduled to launch on March 19, and later June 25, will now launch on July 30, 2020 for the Japanese market.

Fairy Tail will release for the Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 30, 2020. The game will also launch on a later date for the the PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam worldwide. The game is based on the fantasy adventure comic about Natsu, a Dragon Slayer of the rowdy Fairy Tail magician guild, and his unique group of friends battling against unusual and memorable enemies.

Developed by GUST Studios, Fairy Tail is a JRPG in which  players are able to team-up with a range of guest characters from other guilds across Magnolia to take on common enemies. Confirmed characters are: the ‘Arc of Time User’ Ultear Milkovich, from the Crime Sorcière guild; ‘Ice-Make Wizard,’ Lyon Vastia from the Lamia Scale guild; the ‘Burning Hair Wizard,’ Flare Corona from the Raven Tail guild; and Minerva Orland, ‘Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady.’

Throughout the Fairy Tail adventure, from Tenrou Island to the Grand Magic Games and beyond, the guild’s famed hall becomes a key point for party members to prepare for upcoming quests. Inside the guild, items are available for sale and trade – including consumable items, Lacrima, and a variety of materials at the item shop. There’s even a selection of drinks at the bar that provide different status effects to party members. By saving up gold and purchasing upgrades for the guild, an increased inventory of items and drinks are available to purchase, and the appearance of the guild itself becomes increasingly more extravagant.

Source: Siliconera

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