“Explorer’s Edition” for Dragon Quest Heroes II available for pre-order

“Explorer’s Edition” for Dragon Quest Heroes II available for pre-order

Dragon Quest fans can now pre-order the DRAGON QUEST HEROES II Explorer’s Edition that offers 15 exclusive downloadable content (DLC) items to assist in their fight against swarms of enemies and to return peace to the world. The DLC includes weapons designed from the enemies in the game, including the Slime Knight’s Shield, Great Sabreclaws, Golem Gauntlets and more. A reversible cover artwork of the Adventure Log is also included in this edition.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing for the PlayStation 4 system and STEAM on April 25, 2017.

Square Enix also unveiled the new overview trailer that highlights what the game has to offer: tons of characters, vast landscapes, fast action, customizable classes, and online multiplayer.

Check out the Trailer:

“Square Enix also listed a few things that make Dragon Quest Heroes II special:

Expansive and Interconnected Environments

From towns to lush forests to icy tundra, Dragon Quest Heroes II is full of diverse environments to explore and discover. As an all-new and improved feature, Dragon Quest Heroes II takes place in completely expansive and interconnected environments. This means you can run from one area to the next through a connected world.

Monsters also roam freely, minding their own business until you get too close… It’s up to you to decide how and where you travel but danger could lurk in the most unexpected places…

Fast Paced Customisable Combat

The main story of Dragon Quest Heroes II revolves around two cousins – Lazarel and Teresa. They are joined by 14 other heroes, many of whom you may recognise from previous Dragon Quest games. Throughout your adventure your active party will consist of 4 characters and you can control any one of them at a time and can swap between them at any time too!

Not only can you swap between characters but Lazarel and Teresa have the ability to change vocations! If you want to fight as a mighty Warrior, holy Priest, devious Thief, skilful Martial Artist, powerful Mage, devastating Gladiator or benevolent Sage you can and the choice is yours. Combine this with the massive amount of gear you can equip and spells you can cast, Dragon Quest Heroes II allows you to fully customise your playstyle.

Partner Up With Friends Online

You needn’t fight alone in Dragon Quest Heroes II, as up to 4 players can partner up for online cooperative play!

Throughout your adventure across the Seven Realms you will come across special maps which will give you access to the Dimensional Dungeon. These are unique online co-op dungeons and while not all of them are designed to be finished after you complete the main story, there are plenty that are filled with extra high level enemies but also rare items and rewards so there will be plenty to keep you and your friends busy, even once you’ve finished the main story.”

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