Experience the Changes of Season in “Townsmen”

Experience the Changes of Season in “Townsmen”

Headup Games today presented a very unique feature of Townsmen and at the same time one of the most challenging aspects of the game: The changes of season.

While your town might be perfectly setup during the summer, with blooming grain fields, prosperous grape-vines and an infinite supply of fresh hop to brew your delicious beers, the winter offers a new challenge. Fields don’t regrow, Townies need more wood to keep themselves warm and you should make sure to have your supplies ready for long cold nights. Please have a look at our new screenshot badge presenting the visual beauty of the changes of season.

Check out the Trailer:

“Grow your tiny village into a grand medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers! Find spots for mining ore, harvest crops and collect taxes from your citizenry. Build jousting fields, taverns, and marketplaces, while you beautify your city with impressive statues, magnificent monuments, and lush gardens. But there are also dangers lurking close by. Bandits are in the area, looking to plunder and pillage your peaceful town. Build barracks and guard towers as you recruit brave soldiers to protect your citizens from harm. You rule the whole empire from your castle and make sure your inhabitants have fun and stay happy!”

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