Expansive TCG Infinity Wars: Reborn Leaves Steam Early Access on Dec. 13

Expansive TCG Infinity Wars: Reborn Leaves Steam Early Access on Dec. 13

Infinity Wars: Reborn, a digital trading card game from developer Lightmare Studios and publisher Yodo1, will add new campaigns and rewards when it leaves Early Access on Dec. 13 via Steam for Windows and Mac.

Featuring simultaneous-turn battles, an undo button negating the risk of match-ending mistakes and a commander system that grants powerful cards a chance to influence entire battles, Infinity Wars: Reborn plays distinctly from any other trading card game. Infinity Wars is also the world’s first fully-animated trading card game, providing a gorgeous presentation no other title in the genre matches.

New campaigns for the zombie and monk factions, titled Sleepers of the Avarrach and Descendants of the Dragon, will debut at launch, offering 60-card starter faction packs in exchange for besting their challenging new PvP missions.

Check out the Trailer:

“Infinity Wars is a highly-animated TCG that takes all the classic aspects of your favorite digital card games and combines them with creative new battle mechanics and modes. This rumble of the factions has cinematic eye-candy unseen in any other games of its genre, and a very interactive transforming battleground that is sure to keep players stimulated and engaged.

Seven factions that all have their own theme and abilities are available for deck building, spanning from the fast and economic Flame Dawn, harnessing much more damage in the first five turns, a pacifistic faction known as the Descendants of the Dragon who believe the best defense is defense itself, a chaotic hell-bent on anarchy known simply as the Exiles, and several other theme-mashing factions which make for a wide variety of choices. These options in correlation with a diverse arena that includes several zones, and a hefty list of speeds, modes, and formats makes for a new gaming experience at every turn.”

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