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Alersteam Announce Major Update for Survival Third Person Action RPG Exoplanet: First Contact

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Alersteam Announce Major Update for Survival Third Person Action RPG Exoplanet: First Contact

Small Indie team developer Alersteam is thrilled to announce that Exoplanet: First Contact just got another major update. Development of this game was made possible thanks to the $67,444 received from 2,331 backers on Kickstarter.

“Exoplanet: First Contact” is a survival singleplayer, story-driven third person action RPG set in a Space Western universe. Here, real and fictional technologies meet the cruel and unforgiving, yet romantic reality of the Wild West. You are Jack Sharp, a daring adventurer, stranded on a dangerous, wild planet known as K’Tharsis. In this hellhole of a world, the local population of both human colonists and native aborigines are oppressed by the soulless Terraform corporation who uses slaves to mine a valuable mineral known as Antigravium. The player can choose either side, a mercenary working for the corporation or as an ally with the oppressed population of K’Tharsis.

Check this video down below:

Exoplanet Update #2:

Here is the list of some of the most noteworthy changes:


Enemy bandits. They will attack the hero on sight
Two Bounty Hunter Terminals: near Hunter’s Rest and in the Fort
The Fort has been expanded and updated in preparation for future quests


Added CLUT support to graphics engine. Basically that means that the colors should be more vibrant now. For example, the sand should look like a scorching hot sand in the desert.


Experience. Progressing and finishing quests, killing bandits and monsters, discovering new locations and reading all earn experience for the hero
Level Ups. Once Jack gets enough experience he will get a level up. For each new level, Jack gets a small permanent health boost.
Reloadable guns. You have to reload your gun when your clip is empty. All guns now have specific clip size.
Dig! You can now dig out all kinds of stuff that’s been buried. You’ll need a shovel though.
A new melee attack animation with a step forward. It is played when the player attacks without moving
Bounce. You can double tap movement buttons (A, S, D) to avoid enemy attacks (works only with a weapon in hands)


added separate items for wearable armor: torso and leg protection
added 3 new aboriginal melee weapons


mining mechanics have been rebalanced, players with low mining skill should miss less often


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