Everspace Alpha Gameplay Trailer


Everspace Alpha Gameplay Trailer

EVERSPACE, the spiritual successor to Galaxy on Fire, promises a non-linear story and gameplay. Players awaken onboard a battleship in a remote corner of our galaxy and receive a mysterious command to appear at a specific place. Searching for the origins of their own existence and their newly acquired commander, players must fight their way through uncontrolled territories where they will encounter other skilled combat pilots, both cooperative to hostile. Players not only continually prove their combat skills, but also gather fuel and raw materials in order to travel to various star systems and repair and upgrade their equipment. Unlike in classic roguelikes, progress is not completely lost at the moment of death but rather remains available in the form of persistent upgrades.

Here’s what the game will feature:

  • Rogue-like gameplay with persistent progression
  • AAA-style visuals & sound and PC-optimized controls (mouse + KB)
  • Non-linear story-telling that perfectly fits the nature of a rogue-like
  • 1st and 3rd person action focus (no sim)
  • In-depth upgrade and damage system
  • VR support

This game is exclusively for Xbox One end of 2016.

Check out the Trailer:

“For us, fun and playability come first and have to fit the type of game. EVERSPACE™ will not be a space simulation. Arcady controls will test your skills and reflexes without the burden of crazy speeds up to 40,000 km/h, inertia, thrust and anti-thrust”

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