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Everspace 2 Artwork
Everspace 2 Artwork

Everspace 2 Reaches Kickstarter Goal

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Everspace 2 has reached its Kickstarter goal of 450,000 EUR (USD$502,627) and is on its way to reaching its first stretch goal.

The Kickstarter campaign was set to end on November 4, 2019, and the game’s developer, ROCKFISH Games, announced that their base goal had been achieved and they were climbing the ladder to their first stretch goal of 500,000 EUR (roughly USD$550,000).

Everspace 2’s first stretch goal is to include something called Ancient Rifts. The Kickstarter page describes the goal of Ancient Rifts thusly: “Complete different rift challenges, survive as long as you can and unlock precious rewards, loot, and experience.” If that description is any indication, it sounds like Ancient Rifts will be an homage to the first game’s roguelike elements and require players to take on waves of enemies until said players are defeated.

The sequel to 2017’s Everspace will ditch most of its roguelike foundation and replace it with an open-world environment that encompasses eight separate star systems. Players will be able to travel freely between these star systems and engage in different combat challenges while gathering loot to upgrade their ships.

Players will also have access to over 100 ships, all of which are customizable and upgradable with loot found from defeating enemies in the game’s massive open-world.

As mentioned last week, Everspace 2 has not received an official release date. However, ROCKFISH Games hopes to release version 1.0 of the game sometime in Q3 2021 for PC with planned DLC if the title is “another commercial success for [them.]”

A trailer for Everspace 2 can be found here.

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