A flying spaceship in EVERSPACE 2

EVERSPACE 2 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage Showcases Its Massive World

Three years after wrapping up EVERSPACE, now Rockfish Games is working on a bigger sequel to its successful spaceship simulator franchise, and if you want it to be delivered soon, you better help them out with their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. As a backer, you will be able to get access to EVERSPACE 2 pre-alpha version and directly send your feedback to the development team. However, if you still need to know more about the game to become a backer, don’t hesitate to check out nearly two hours of pre-alpha gameplay footage from EVERSPACE 2.

Despite being in pre-alpha stage, the game looks incredibly fascinating in graphics, texture quality and world design. With the developers aiming an open-world area for the game, EVERSPACE 2 is going to feature a bigger scope than the original game. The story is supposed to be a direct sequel to last title’s events. With the cloning program’s cancellation, you are going to be one of the survivalist clone pilots with a bounty on yourself.

Gameplay wise, EVERSPACE 2 will allow you more options than ever to customize and set up your spaceship. Also, some classic RPG elements will be added to the game’s base fast-paced space-shooter genre. Here you can check out the gameplay video via Twitch:

Thus far, Rockfish Games has neither announced a specific release window for EVERSPACE 2 nor its target platforms. With the near-80 Metascore of original title, personally, I’m looking for a deep and hardcore space-shooter game from Rockfish Games, addressing all the annoying issues of the first game. For now, the team is completely focused on gathering the required budget for the full development process of EVERSPACE 2, but the main struggle will be begun after surpassing this milestone.

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