EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter Campaign Ends in Success

EVERSPACE 2, the open-world sequel to 2017’s roguelike EVERSPACE, has completed its Kickstarter campaign with great success.

ROCKFISH Games, the developer behind both games, met the initial funding for the base game and continued seeking funding to meet its first stretch goal. Just minutes before the Kickstarter campaign ended, the company’s first stretch goal, “The Ancients’ Rift,” was reached.

With a grand total of €503,478 (roughly USD$553,825.80) and 7,979 backers, EVERSPACE 2 has been completely funded, and backers who supported the Kickstarter campaign “at the Standard Edition or above levels can look forward to playing the prototype version of EVERSPACE 2 which has been shown at numerous gaming events. This prototype version is expected to be released to backers in mid-December 2019.”

Players who are interested in EVERSPACE 2 and missed the Kickstarter campaign can still pre-order the game at a 12% discount on the Steam Early Access version of the game at the ROCKFISH Games Store. “Various levels of pre-early access and digital goodies like the original soundtrack or artbooks from EVERSPACE 2 are also available.”

A further 20,000 Steam wishlist entries for EVERPACE 2 helped the game gain traction in the last four weeks due to the “successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, the enormous general visibility of EVERSPACE 2 on the internet, especially on Twitch and YouTube and as well as on social media, and a massive sales promotion of its predecessor including all DLCs on Steam.”

The game has not received an official release date. However, ROCKFISH Games hopes to release version 1.0 of the game sometime in Q3 2021 for PC with planned DLC if the title is “another commercial success for [them.]”

A trailer for Everspace 2 can be found here.

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