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Ever Oasis – Nintendo Treehouse E3 2016

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Ever Oasis – Nintendo Treehouse E3 2016

Nintendo has announced an all new action-RPG for 3DS entitled Ever Oasis.

Ever Oasis seems to center primarily on the development and maintenance of relationships with NPCs. There are various tribes in the game that will join your oasis, and you can recruit certain characters into your party to help you fight your way through the game’s dungeons.

The main character, Tethu, goes on adventures to develop their oasis, venturing into the desert to collect supplies, build friendships and, as Ishii-san put it, “find their own path.” The main character can be either male or female.

The game will be aviable for Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS.

Check out the Trailer:

“Produced and directed by Koichi Ishii, known for directing the first three Final Fantasy games, most of the Mana series and credited with the creation of chocobos and moogles, Ever Oasis is a game with a striking style and plenty of potential. It’s part management sim, seeing the character build out his oasis to attract wanderers from remote tribes. Those wanderers join Tethu on his adventure, helping him battle monsters, solve puzzles and gather materials to craft new equipment and items.”

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