Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 announced for 3DS

 Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 announced for 3DS

Atlus and Spike Chunsoft have announced Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 for 3DS. It will launch in Japan on August 31st. it was also announced that First-print copies will include a two-disc “User’s Best Album” containing player favorite songs from across the Etrian Odyssey series. Users can vote for which tracks they want to be included here until April 9. The jacket that houses the CDs is a digipak illustrated by Yuuji Himukai.

An Etrian Odyssey 10th Anniversary Box limited edition includes a copy of the game, special-make box, and 200-page Character Art Works book featuring character illustrations from across the Etrian Odyssey series’ numbered titles.

Check the announcement trailer and first gameplay here:

“At the bottom of the Yggdrasil Tree there is said to be an entrance to the “Land of the Gods”—.

One day, you, an adventurer who visited the lakeside town that looks out on this legendary Yggdrasil Tree, meet a mysterious girl.

“I want to go to the base of the Yggdrasil Tree no matter what it takes.”

Just who is this girl? Why does she want to go to the Yggdrasil Tree? Frequently clear “mystery dungeons” and, together with the girl, head for the distant Yggdrasil Tree!
In addition to the classes from the previous game (Landsknecht, Protector, Runemaster, Medic, Gunner, Wanderer, Ninja, Dancer, Sovereign, and Hexer), new classes Pirate, Alchemist, Kenkaku, Monk, Farmer have been added.

In related news, Atlus will host an Etrian Odyssey 10th anniversary commemoration broadcast on Niconico on May 20 at 19:30 JST.”

For more information about the game, visit its Official Website.

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