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Epic Games
Epic Games

Epic Games Will Sponsor PC Gaming Show Event at E3 2019

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With the arrival of Epic Games Store to the roster of digital game retailers, PC gamers now see a new era that might drag Steam down from the Ironbed of PC games’ market. Like it or not, Epic Games Store force players to use its platform by all the exclusive contracts that has signed so far with different publishers and developers. Now, Epic Games attempts to take a step forward by attending at E3 2019 and revealing more of its upcoming exclusive titles and services.

While the developer of Fortnite won’t hold its own event at E3, the company will sponsor PC Gaming Show press conference to unveil new details about its exclusive upcoming games and also announce new partnerships with developers.

Thanks to the collaboration of Epic Games Store, its being said that this year’s PC Gaming Show event will feature more announcements and trailers than ever. Evan Lahti, editor in-chief at PC Gamer said:

This year’s live stream will present more announcements and new trailers than any previous PC Gaming Show. From brilliant indies to studios that have shaped PC gaming for decades, we’re excited to showcase what’s next for the world’s most vibrant gaming platform.

While PC Gaming Show has always been a brilliant place for indie games to show up and make a name for themselves, this year we can also hope to see more of some AAA titles in the show.

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