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Epic Games Store Sets Condition for Dropping Exclusivity

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Like it or not, Epic Games is going to be a big fish within the gaming industry and their policies will affect gamers, developers and even retailers. For the time being, Epic Games Store has shown its influence on PC gaming with the exclusivity contracts that has signed with numerous developers to gain the rights for being the only digital store that provide the game for PC owners. Aside from other stores and retailers that are infinitively mad at Epic’s ongoing policy, gamers are also dislike the situation due to the lack of options for purchasing the games. However, the company’s CEO claims they would stop the infamous exclusivity, if Steam meets one of the Epic’s conditions in terms of revenue sharing.

As you may know, when a developer decides to sell its title on Steam, 20% to 30% of the revenue has to be shared with Valve, while the corresponding number for Epic Games Store is just 12%. Now, head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney says that if Valve committed to share 88% of revenue with developers, Epic games would drop exclusivity policy and further, it will consider to put the current titles on Steam.

With declaring such a condition for Valve and Steam, which are kings of digital retailing for PC titles, it would be a great lost for Valve to do so, however if they didn’t, the exclusive titles on Epic Games will definitely avoid Steam from getting so much of revenue each year.

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