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Epic Games Reveal Project:SU at GDC

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Epic Games Reveal Project:SU at GDC

Epic Games and developer Loong Entertainment today announced a new mobile game titled Project:SU, what’s really interesting it’s the fact that is being co-developed by both companies and it’s using Unreal Engine 4, this enables features like global illumination, enhanced dynamic lightning, GPU particle effects among others. Project:SU also features an open world that focus on giving players the freedom to take any direction and start a journey as they please.

Check the trailer revealed at GDC 2019 down below:

Project:SU’s highly free-form sand box gameplay is on display at GDC 2019 and it has earned much acclaim from attendees. This type of advanced gameplay that often appears in AAA games but rarely in mobile games has been achieved in Project:SU.

The game creates a realistic social ecology in which each NPC has a different identity and is highly intelligent so they respond in a personalized way to each player. Players can provoke or build an emotional connection with NPCs through various behaviors, and NPCs also help players to create distinct strategies and game tactics when fighting, adventuring and exploring.

The secondary profession system is also getting rave reviews. Players are no longer limited to a single professional identity: If you like cooking, for instance, you can begin as a kitchen waiter, progress to owning a private kitchen, and finally become a Michelin 3-star chef. Experience a variety of different sports or even become an international superstar!

Project: SU is pushing the boundaries of what can be done in a mobile platform like smartphones and tables and while recent news about xCloud and Google’s Stadia have stole the show it’s nice to hear that Epic Games is still trying to help smaller studios to better understand and better optimize their code to boast all the goodness of Unreal Engine.

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