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Epic Games
Epic Games

Epic Games Opens a New Studio in Germany; Aiming Streaming Technology

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Epic Games has been one of successful developers and publishers over the past few years. Since the team has launched Fortnite, it welcomed to a huge amount of income that made it possible for Tim Sweeny and his team to expand their presence in the video game industry. Now, the company has opened a new studio in Cologne, Germany.

Some key people from Factor 5 studio will be leading the new Epic Games branch in Germany. The new studio is aimed at working on interactive media as well as streaming technologies. Julian Eggebrecht, CEO at Factor 5 and director of online technology at Epic’s new studio, said:

At the core of Epic’s success are highly-skilled and passionate individuals. Germany is a nation at the forefront of technology and we look forward to extending our local presence as we fill newly created roles and hire exceptional talent.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games has previously had a branch in Germany at Berlin.

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Source: Dualshockers

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